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Superior Painters is setup to provide cost-effective painting solutions, quick turnaround and expert advice to clients in Auckland. The teams are among the most experienced and professional in their field

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Interior Painting

General wear and tear is inevitable in a home. If you need a small touch up then you can contact practically any company to do it. However painting your entire home is a big task which should not be done without putting considerable thought into it.

Interior Painting
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Exterior Painting

An Exterior Painting Job has to be done with high quality products and excellent workmanship. An Exterior of your home   has to brave the harsh outdoor elements, making quality a top priority. At Superior Painters we know all of this and hence put emphasis on Quality rather than price. We are aware that exterior painting has more challenges compared to interior painting and we are fully prepared to meet them.

Exterior Painting
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Roof Painting

Cleaning and Painting requirements for different roofs can be quite diverse from each other. Hence you will need a trained professional to clean and paint your roof. Proper health and safety procedures are also important when on the roof and should not be taken lightly. Our trained professionals understand the needs of different roof types to give you the best results.

Roof Painting
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New Builds

When you build your home, you do it with careful planning keeping your preferences in mind. You make that house your home by adding or building all the little things that make the house unique to your family. Your paint job should not be any different.

New Builds
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Office / Office Blocks

Painting the interior of an office is no different from painting an interior of a home. It has to be done by a professional who is skilled, has good knowledge of the types of paints and techniques. With exterior painting, every office building would need a permit as they usually are street facing.  

Office/ Office Blocks
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Wood Staining

Is your deck in need for a good maintenance and has lost its luster? If a deck is not maintained well then it can become a health and safety hazard pretty quickly.

Wood Staining
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Plastering & Gib Stopping

Plastering and Gib Stopping is a critical step in the process of painting. If not done correctly by a skilled plasterer it can make the painting process worthless.

Plastering & Gib Stopping
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Retail Painting

A well painted and aesthetically pleasing retail shop can attract customers like bees to honey. Of course closing the sale is up to you in the end. However we can help you attract these customers by painting your retail shop to give you a ‘magazine worthy’ result.

Retail Painting
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House Washing & Water Blasting

Regular house washing should be part of your maintenance program. If it is cleaned regularly, you will avoid deterioration of the paint and building surface.

House Washing & Water Blasting

Picture Perfect Guarantee



Our Picture Perfect guarantee is our promise to you that we will give you a ‘magazine worthy’ result after we have finished painting your home. We value quality above price. We are confident that we can and we will provide excellent results because we take the time to understand what you need. 

Our trained and certified professionals will make sure that your home looks like a picture from Home and Living. We have a straight forward process and are clear communicators and will love to have you with us every step of the way.


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Get In Touch, Free Color Consultation

Are you looking get an estimate for your painting needs? Need help choosing your paint colours or putting together a complete exterior or interior look for your property? Then request a visit from a Superior Painter Colour Consultant.

To arrange a colour consultation, please complete your details in the form, please ensure you include a valid daytime phone number and email address so that we may confirm arrangements with you. The Superior Painter Colour Consultant service is available in selected areas only (see on the bottom of the website)

During the color consultation, you’ll receive:

  1. Professional advice on color selection and design for your home
  2. Free on-site project appraisal based on your needs
  3. Plan of action/ proposal for your project
  4. And get all your questions answered with no obligations

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